The Truth about Cosmetics

Make up selection

Make up selection

In this modern day, the one thing our young and older generations care about is our looks. Cosmetics have become a key component in our day-to-day lifestyles. We have become very dependent on cosmetics to help boost our self-esteems and enhance our looks. Due to the increase in cosmetic merchandise usage, companies are going over and beyond to ensure that the end-products are safe for usage. After countless research and testing, the cosmetic companies have provided us with products suitable to any type of user, no matter the type of skin or age. The ingredients used are carefully chosen and tested to provide the desired outcome for the buyer. From sensitive skin, to dry skin, there are products available for all. By simply walking into a cosmetics firm’s store, you are greeted by the variety of products (face scrubs, conditioners, and moisturizers) to have a pick from. Cosmetic firms have gone a step further to provide recipes on their websites for the user to be able to make a concoction from home. Some of the products available guarantee the user maximum results and protection for a long duration of time.

With the inevitable aging period, some women can find it difficult to obtain cosmetic products suitable for them due to the changes in the skin texture. It can be difficult to be able to conceal the pores or wrinkles as easily as you once could during your younger years. However, facial masks are one key item that can help reduce this problem. It helps tighten the face muscles, and removes the toxins that might be on our skins surface. A facial mask also removes the extra oils leaving the skin with a transcendent, healthy glow.

One key ingredient to always ensure is not included in the production is collagen. Most of the cosmetic creams contain this component. To ensure quality end-results, use products that have ingredients to stimulate your own body’s collagen production, or products that penetrate the skin to repair the epidermis layers.

For better skin without the use of cosmetic products, a person can change their diet and ensure they consume a well-balanced diet instead of junk food. Another way to protect the skin is by drinking a lot of water daily. Consuming 1 liter of water per day will remove toxins from your system leaving you with a glowing, smooth skin. Exercise has also proven to play a major role. We eradicate a lot of toxins from our system through sweat and the excess fat burned off during exercise. Adding an all-natural organic skincare regimen to your daily routine also helps slow down skin aging. Some of the ingredients you can use can be from fruits, vegetables, or herbal extracts. The extracts can help heal the damaged skin tissue. The natural process might take longer but the end results are well worth it.


A good make makeup range is nothing without a good mascara

The natural minerals found in facial products help sooth any inflamed skin, and leaves the skin smooth and wrinkle free. Deed sea cosmetics acquire their minerals from; you guessed it, the deep sea.

Most of us believe that expensive means better quality. However, this is not necessarily the case with some products. A vendor can afford to sell the items at a cheaper cost if they buy in bulk from the manufacturers. Buying with wholesale price reduces the cost exponentially. Another way a vendor can save money is by buying a product without the original packaging. Most manufacturers are spending a lot of money on the packaging of the products. This is why some products cost differently online as opposed to the shop prices.

With the high demands on cosmetic products, manufacturers are spending more and more money yearly to ensure endless supply. Our generation has become very commercialized and will spend on any product that has a proven success record without a second thought. These products might works and give us the results we crave for the time being, but one should always wonder what the chemicals will do to our skin at the end of the day. These chemicals might actually ruin our skins after a couple of years. They are not only harmful to us but to the surrounding environment as well. The levels of pollution generated from production of the products are very harmful to the ozone layer. We also need to be considerate of the animal testing that goes on to ensure the products are “human safe”.

Organizations such as the Humane Society and PETA provide a database listing the businesses that use animals as test subjects and the companies that do not. A potential user can also download Cruelty Free or Bunny Free mobile apps, which allows the buyer to search for cruelty-free products before a purchase. There is also an Animal-free mobile app that allows us to identify animal ingredients that might be used for the production process. These mobile apps are to help the user make an informed decision before purchasing the cosmetic products.