The Truth about Cosmetics

Make up selection

Make up selection

In this modern day, the one thing our young and older generations care about is our looks. Cosmetics have become a key component in our day-to-day lifestyles. We have become very dependent on cosmetics to help boost our self-esteems and enhance our looks. Due to the increase in cosmetic merchandise usage, companies are going over and beyond to ensure that the end-products are safe for usage. After countless research and testing, the cosmetic companies have provided us with products suitable to any type of user, no matter the type of skin or age. The ingredients used are carefully chosen and tested to provide the desired outcome for the buyer. From sensitive skin, to dry skin, there are products available for all. By simply walking into a cosmetics firm’s store, you are greeted by the variety of products (face scrubs, conditioners, and moisturizers) to have a pick from. Cosmetic firms have gone a step further to provide recipes on their websites for the user to be able to make a concoction from home. Some of the products available guarantee the user maximum results and protection for a long duration of time.

With the inevitable aging period, some women can find it difficult to obtain cosmetic products suitable for them due to the changes in the skin texture. It can be difficult to be able to conceal the pores or wrinkles as easily as you once could during your younger years. However, facial masks are one key item that can help reduce this problem. It helps tighten the face muscles, and removes the toxins that might be on our skins surface. A facial mask also removes the extra oils leaving the skin with a transcendent, healthy glow.

One key ingredient to always ensure is not included in the production is collagen. Most of the cosmetic creams contain this component. To ensure quality end-results, use products that have ingredients to stimulate your own body’s collagen production, or products that penetrate the skin to repair the epidermis layers.

For better skin without the use of cosmetic products, a person can change their diet and ensure they consume a well-balanced diet instead of junk food. Another way to protect the skin is by drinking a lot of water daily. Consuming 1 liter of water per day will remove toxins from your system leaving you with a glowing, smooth skin. Exercise has also proven to play a major role. We eradicate a lot of toxins from our system through sweat and the excess fat burned off during exercise. Adding an all-natural organic skincare regimen to your daily routine also helps slow down skin aging. Some of the ingredients you can use can be from fruits, vegetables, or herbal extracts. The extracts can help heal the damaged skin tissue. The natural process might take longer but the end results are well worth it.


A good make makeup range is nothing without a good mascara

The natural minerals found in facial products help sooth any inflamed skin, and leaves the skin smooth and wrinkle free. Deed sea cosmetics acquire their minerals from; you guessed it, the deep sea.

Most of us believe that expensive means better quality. However, this is not necessarily the case with some products. A vendor can afford to sell the items at a cheaper cost if they buy in bulk from the manufacturers. Buying with wholesale price reduces the cost exponentially. Another way a vendor can save money is by buying a product without the original packaging. Most manufacturers are spending a lot of money on the packaging of the products. This is why some products cost differently online as opposed to the shop prices.

With the high demands on cosmetic products, manufacturers are spending more and more money yearly to ensure endless supply. Our generation has become very commercialized and will spend on any product that has a proven success record without a second thought. These products might works and give us the results we crave for the time being, but one should always wonder what the chemicals will do to our skin at the end of the day. These chemicals might actually ruin our skins after a couple of years. They are not only harmful to us but to the surrounding environment as well. The levels of pollution generated from production of the products are very harmful to the ozone layer. We also need to be considerate of the animal testing that goes on to ensure the products are “human safe”.

Organizations such as the Humane Society and PETA provide a database listing the businesses that use animals as test subjects and the companies that do not. A potential user can also download Cruelty Free or Bunny Free mobile apps, which allows the buyer to search for cruelty-free products before a purchase. There is also an Animal-free mobile app that allows us to identify animal ingredients that might be used for the production process. These mobile apps are to help the user make an informed decision before purchasing the cosmetic products.

Paris Hilton, stylish or scandalous?

Paris Hilton is always making news headlines for the wrong reasons. The US socialite, actress, singer, model, heiress and celebutante is forever arguing with other party-loving Hollywood stars who envy her unique taste in clothes and shoes and her collection of diamond jewellery. However, Paris often makes headlines for all of the wrong reasons, her choice of men and her love of animals leave her open to criticism. Those who follow Paris Hilton will know she constantly changes the boundaries; however, other socialites who follow the television personality via social media respect her changing choice of fashion accessories. No one can ignore Paris Hilton because she is rarely out of the limelight, having said that, Paris has a personality you love or hate.

Paris – The Fashion Icon

Paris Hilton has style and for the main part, her fashion sense is admirable. However, in the past her fashion faux pas have led to her being slated by the fashion police, but Paris, celebrity entrepreneur and heiress is serious about fashion. Her daring clothes are sexy and flashy, but her sense of style has a tendency to backfire.

Flick through any of the latest fashion magazines on a beauty salon coffee table and you read of her love for the colour pink. Paris adores pink, in fact; so much so, the heiress drives a pink car and owns a closet full of pink clothes. Some say she has an outrageous sense of style, but secretly, many envy her vast range of bright pink accessories. Paris loves all things pink; for example, she adores her hot pink quilted bag and her gigantic collection of stiletto heeled shoes, hair accessories, handbags and jewellery come in varying shades of pink. The billionaire heiress recently stunned followers when her Bentley Continental GT was sprayed cherry blossom pink. Paris was quick to point out that she had always dreamt of owning a bright pink car.

Paris and her Pink Accessories

The heiress to the famous hotel chain adores detailed accessories. Read famous fashion quotes and you see that it was Paris who said you shouldn’t be boring, you should dress-up cute wherever you go. Paris has a unique sense of style and her accessories always match her bold designer clothing. The famous “Hottie and the Nottie” starlet was recently seen cruising around in a customized blue Bentley. However, as usual, Paris had gone the extra mile. The young hotel heiress wore a blue cardigan over white and blue sundress. She wore matching blue high heeled shoes and carried a blue handbag.

The model come DJ owns hundreds of pairs of designer shoes, over-sized sunglasses and designer handbags, but her Chihuahuas are considered her number one style accessory. The “Simple Life” star has four toy dogs named Tinkerbell, Tokyo, Bambi and Harajuku. Paris is often seen carrying one of her toy pets in an oversized clutch bag, hence many wannabe socialites have followed suit. Much to their delight, Bambi and Tinkerbell are often transported in a large leather purse. Paris, author of “Peek behind the Pose” and “Confessions of an Heiress” loves to share her sense of humour and style. Only weeks ago, the actress wore a white tee with the words “I love shoes, boys and bags” printed across the front.

Paris Hilton, fashionista and party animal loves diamond jewellery. Damiani is her favorite jewellery designer and the Italian designer has created numerous pieces in keeping with her style. Paris tells everyone that she loves diamonds and fashion. The heiress, who is often referred to as “Princess Paris” or “Star “recently ordered jewels costing around three million dollars , the diamonds were to be used to decorate her Bentley’s dashboard. The daring TV reality star continues to add to her collection of diamond bracelets, earrings and necklaces she regularly dons for special occasions.

Paris, the Shoe Queen

Paris Hilton is a self-confessed shoe-lover. In reality, her closets are stuffed with thousands of pairs of shoes made by leading fashion designers. The professional partygoer and recording star considered donating a part of her shoe collection to a worthy cause, however, Paris, singer of “Stars are Blind” wears custom-made shoes to fit her size eleven feet.

It would be difficult not to notice the heiress’s shoes. Paris loves stiletto heels, shiny pumps, sling backs, sports shoes, colored wedges, high-heeled platforms, high-heeled knee-high boots, sexy open-toe pumps and mid-calf boots. Paris has an extensive collection of sandals, flip-flops and flat shoes that could never be described as dull. The hotel heiress favors shoes designed by Yves St Laurent, Mui Mui, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Tylie Malibu, Stuart Weitzman, Christian Dior, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin. Many of her shoes are fashioned from zebra print or leopard skin print in keeping with her love of animals. The celebutante and queen of style also adores gold-heeled, jewel encrusted shoes, especially those adorned with emeralds, amethysts, diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

Paris has style and her stylists say she chooses her shoes to match her outfit. The fashionista is most famous for her fragrance and sportswear, however, Paris has recently launched a new range of fashionable footwear.


Sex Position Guide

Here are some great sex positions to make note of in order to spice things up in the bedroom!


This is a type of sex position that can occur as a “spur of the moment” type of thing. The woman simply sits on top of the counter while the man inserts his penis into her vagina.

Doggy Style

This sex position is one of the more popular ones. Both the man and the woman will be on their knees, and the man puts his penis into her vagina from behind. Overall, this is a position that provides an intense amount of pleasure for both individuals.


Many couples view this as being a very passionate position. This involves the woman laying on her back while the man lays on top of her. The woman then wraps her legs around him in order to allow her to feel his penis penetrating her vagina more intensely.


This sex position simply involves the woman sitting on the man’s lap while he put his penis inside her vagina. While this position may sound rather simple, it can actually be hard to master at first.


This position involves the man laying on top of the woman while her legs are spread wide. Her knees are also bent up toward his head.


While seated on an armchair, the woman wraps her arms and legs around the man, who will be kneeling in front of her on the floor. This position is one that is said to provide a more stimulating orgasm.


This is a position in which the woman lays on her back on the edge of either a bed, table, or futon while she is covered up by pillows and blankets. Her legs are then spread open before the man kneels in front of her and puts his penis into her vagina while he holds her legs up with his shoulders. This position is said to increase the overall angle of penetration, as well as be extremely satisfying for both individuals.


This position involves the man laying on his back and spreading his legs before the woman lays down on top of him, putting her legs down on his in the same position. The woman then drags her body in an up-and-down motion, completely controlling the thrusts, which allows her to achieve an intense orgasm.


This position involves the woman standing with her legs wide open while she supports herself with a piece of furniture, such as a chair, while the man enters her from behind.


This sex position involves the man laying flat on his back, spreading his legs wide open while he puts his penis inside the woman’s vagina. She then lays down on her back, spreading her legs across his while she points her toes toward his head, while his head points away from hers. The woman is also able to completely control the thrust, which is perfect for women who prefer deeper penetration.