Is your boss a psychopath?

It is a real possibility that one in twenty-five employers can be a psychopath. I will show you just how an employer can be two people in personality. They can be both very charming and emotionally disconnected at the very same time.

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The film Psycho featured Norman Bates who was a violent psychopath

Do you honestly hate your boss? Has it gotten so bad that the boss takes credit for your work or leaves you to pick up the pieces that belong to any task of issues that he creates? The psychologist, as well as, co-author of the book Snakes In Suits – When Pyschos Go To Work by Paul Babiak is a book that does analyze more than 200 personalities belonging to professionals in the United States.  From a checklist, which was developed by Robert Hare, who is from the University of British Columbia and called the Psychopathy Checklist. Paul Babiak did make the discovery that about 4% of these working professionals did fit this criteria. This is 1 in 25.

Mr. Babiak did assume right away that these working professionals do get their game working good on the job market. This is because he or she is able to convince managers of their specific forces. “Psychopaths are very capable of making an awesome first impression,” he openly explains. They are very charming and impressive in their own special ways. The truth is this. They are very bad managers and aren’t at al interested in their profession or the business at hand. They tend to also only think about themselves.

To make a long story short, psychopaths do hide behind their own masks, and they tend to carry themselves as being charismatic leaders. However, in reality, they are nothing but hollow and empty shells. Nor do they express their emotions and are devoid of regret or guilt.


Contrary to popular beilief, not all psychopaths are serial killers

There are some studies that do clearly show that psychopaths do express a real difficulty in understanding the very nature of feelings. This is something that does clearly display their insensitivity and low emotional IQ. About half of the patients that Paul Babiak has are from the world of finance. Is their interest in money something to do with why they are psychopaths? This psychologist does suggest that these psychopaths do live as parasites. “What they are is clearly obvious. They are opportunists that do attach themselves to people as if they are parasites and drain off their resources. This fact is something that Babiak does illustrate in detail. What these psychopaths do is to seek the easiest way to get their way. They are naturally attracted, and do gravitate to wherever money is, which is the world of finance and business.

The truth is this. A psychopath can indeed be betrayed by his or her own behavior. “Studies do also indicate one thing. They do tend to have an issue with alcohol. They develop an unhealthy relationship with it,” states Dr. Babiak. Some people may be very quick to label his or her boss a psychopath. Please do be very careful in doing this. We seem to love accusing people of things. However, just be very careful, don’t go making accusations if there is no proof to back it up.

If your boss is a psycho or just a cruel person, refrain from dumping or displaying your bitterness of Facebook or Twitter, because it can be just the thing to cost you your job and livelihood.

The one solution to this problem would be just to simply get another job. Again, be careful here, and don’t let your boss find out that you are looking for another job. He might fire you based on that fact. You may also not find another job very fast. You can tell him or her to take care of their own problems, as they aren’t yours, they belong to him or her.