Sex Position Guide

Here are some great sex positions to make note of in order to spice things up in the bedroom!


This is a type of sex position that can occur as a “spur of the moment” type of thing. The woman simply sits on top of the counter while the man inserts his penis into her vagina.

Doggy Style

This sex position is one of the more popular ones. Both the man and the woman will be on their knees, and the man puts his penis into her vagina from behind. Overall, this is a position that provides an intense amount of pleasure for both individuals.


Many couples view this as being a very passionate position. This involves the woman laying on her back while the man lays on top of her. The woman then wraps her legs around him in order to allow her to feel his penis penetrating her vagina more intensely.


This sex position simply involves the woman sitting on the man’s lap while he put his penis inside her vagina. While this position may sound rather simple, it can actually be hard to master at first.


This position involves the man laying on top of the woman while her legs are spread wide. Her knees are also bent up toward his head.


While seated on an armchair, the woman wraps her arms and legs around the man, who will be kneeling in front of her on the floor. This position is one that is said to provide a more stimulating orgasm.


This is a position in which the woman lays on her back on the edge of either a bed, table, or futon while she is covered up by pillows and blankets. Her legs are then spread open before the man kneels in front of her and puts his penis into her vagina while he holds her legs up with his shoulders. This position is said to increase the overall angle of penetration, as well as be extremely satisfying for both individuals.


This position involves the man laying on his back and spreading his legs before the woman lays down on top of him, putting her legs down on his in the same position. The woman then drags her body in an up-and-down motion, completely controlling the thrusts, which allows her to achieve an intense orgasm.


This position involves the woman standing with her legs wide open while she supports herself with a piece of furniture, such as a chair, while the man enters her from behind.


This sex position involves the man laying flat on his back, spreading his legs wide open while he puts his penis inside the woman’s vagina. She then lays down on her back, spreading her legs across his while she points her toes toward his head, while his head points away from hers. The woman is also able to completely control the thrust, which is perfect for women who prefer deeper penetration.